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  • 3D City Reconstruction from OpenStreetMap data: City generation starting from real data information (C++)

  • The robot RoboCare and the creation of semantic maps: Control of the robot build by me through multimodal interaction (AIML, Python)

  • Pepper the Receptionist: Development of a 3D virtual environment and Pepper's robot interaction in qiBullet simulator

  • Nucleic Acids World: Nucleic acids simulator (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

  • Coordination of Soccer Players: Implementation of a game strategy to coordinate Nao robots (C++)

  • Terrain from noise: Terrain Generator (C++)

  • Mighty Artix: Web page for Mighty Artix game (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

  • A study on Face Identification for Cats: Biometric system for cat identification

  • NL2LTLf translation for restraining bolts application in BabyAI environment: Generation of a restraining bolt for BabyAI environment with the usage of natural language phrases


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